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15-17 May 2024
Singapore EXPO, Singapore


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Rethink Retail - Success with Omnichannel

25 Jul 2023
Omnichannel has the potential to increase customer loyalty or destroy it. Therefore, having the proper infrastructure and processes in place is crucial.
For years, and after the pandemic more than before, we have been experiencing a real revolution in the retail sector, enabled by advancing digitalisation.
E-Commerce has been growing for years and has been the salvation for many retail businesses in the last two years. However, the brick-and-mortar business is still a popular channel for consumers, which came back into focus in the previous year.
Transparency and the accessibility of mobile Internet have changed the demand and the requirements of shoppers regarding their shopping experience.
Customers are better informed and enabled by technology to make more competent shopping decisions than before, demanding a holistic shopping experience across all channels (online and offline).
Without rethinking processes, infrastructure and supply chain, companies will not meet customer demands and lose market share.