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15-17 May 2024
Singapore EXPO, Singapore


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Andrew Lim

Andrew Lim

Senior Business Development Manager, Slimstock Asia Pacific

About Andrew

Andrew is a Supply Chain Expert with over several years of experience in supply chain management with Slimstock, a global leader in inventory optimization. With a team of 450+ professionals, Slimstock empowers planning teams to make better supply chain decisions, eliminating waste and boosting availability for 1500+ customers worldwide. Andrew specializes in leveraging the award-winning Slim4 platform to help customers to reduce supply chain costs and mitigate risk. His industry focus includes manufacturing, wholesale, retail and many more.

Andrew’s journey in Slimstock lies in optimizing supply chains, and he has been instrumental in helping businesses achieve efficiency and cost savings. As a key member of the Slimstock team, Andrew collaborates with planning professionals in the SEA region, ensuring that companies can meet demand while minimizing waste. His commitment to sustainability and innovation drives him to create resilient supply chains that benefit both organizations and the environment.

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Optimizing the Supply Chain: Approaches to Efficient Resource Allocation and Cost Minimization

● Focuses on strategies for optimizing supply chain operations to achieve efficiency and cost savings 
● Covers latest tools and technologies for supply chain optimization 
● Provides case studies, practical tips, and best practices for implementing optimization strategies.