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15-17 May 2024
Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Organised by:
Deutsche Messe 
In partnership with:

APP Information


APP Information

To help you plan your time and networking at CeMAT AUSTRALIA we are delighted to launch the event app. The following is a how-to guide for the Conference App to help assist you with logging in and using the app, as well as highlighting all of the great features you can take advantage of to enhance your experience at the event.

Downloading the App
In order to access all the capabilities of the conference app you will first need to download the Sprintr by AV1 app. You can do this by scanning the below QR codes, clicking the links or searching for Sprintr by AV1 in your app store.


apple store qr code google play qr code
Apple App Store Google Play Store


Enter the Event Code
Once you have downloaded the app, open the app and enter the event code below.

Event Code: CEMAT22

Login to the App
You will be asked to input your login details. Use the credentials that there were emailed to you. When setting a new password, make sure it is at least 8 characters.

Conference App Features

My Event

  • 'My Event' contains all information specific to you including your agenda, your delegates, your inbox and your profile settings.
  • 'My Agenda' is all of the sessions that you've bookmarked.
  • 'My Delegates' are the fellow delegates that you've exchanged contact details with by scanning their badge.
  • Your inbox contains the messages between you and other attendees.

The competition adds a fun and competitive spin to the conference. Compete with your colleagues to see who can win the most points!

How To Play
Unlock as many points and achievements as you can to make your way to the top of the leaderboard. View the leaderboard and tap 'Achievements' to see what you've unlocked and what you've still got left to accomplish!

How to earn Points
Points are earned by completing specific actions within the app, such as giving feedback or posting a status - the more you use the app, the more points you'll get! You can view what actions give you points by going to 'Competition' and selecting 'See how to earn points!'.

How to earn Achievements
Achievements are unlocked when you perform an action enough times (e.g. scanning 10 exhibitors). You can view which achievements are still available to you by going to 'Competition' and selecting 'View unlockable achievements and the leaderboard'.

Activity Feed
Within the Activity Feed you have access to the internal conference activity feed and your inbox. Post statuses and images in the activity feed to share your experience with the community.

The inbox contains your messages with other attendees. You can message someone by clicking on their profile within ‘Attendees'.

Attendee List
The attendee list contains all of the individuals at the conference using the app. Within the list, you can tap on a profile and see their details, bookmark their profile, see the achievements they've completed or send them a message.
Any saved profiles will be found in 'My Event'.

The speakers page contains all of the speakers and their information. Tap on a profile to see their sessions and their details. Bookmark your favourite speakers to find them easily in 'My Event’.

The Exhibitors page contains all of the exhibitors for this event. Tap on an exhibitor to see their logo, their level of sponsorship, their stand number, their social account details and a short description of their organisation. You will notice a grey tick on the right of each exhibitor when viewing the list. This tick will turn green once you have visited that exhibitors booth and scanned their QR code.

This is where all the messages you've sent or received from other attendees will populate.

Venue and Venue Map
These contain information about the venue as well as a floor plan of the conference to help you navigate.

If you require any assistance logging in or using the app, come see us at the registration desk and we'll be more than happy to assist. We look forward to welcoming you!


Ph: +61 430 958 852